Fun Syllable Facts
Part 2

Fact #6
  • Flower has 2 syllables in it, while flour only has 1 syllable!
Fact #7
  • Pennsylvania and Louisiana are the only states in the U.S.A. with 5 syllables in their names.
  • North Carolina and South Carolina are also 5 syllables, but they are each two words.
Fact #8
  • Queueing is the only word in English that contains 5 consecutive vowels!
Fact #9
  • The longest 1-syllable words have 9 letters.
    • They are:  screeched, stretched, scrunched, scratched, & scrounged.
Fact #10
  • Cwm, crwth, & cwtch are the only words in English with no vowels!

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