Cinquain Rules

What is a Cinquain?
  • A short, 5-line poem that follows the 2-4-6-8-2 syllable scheme
  • pronouced: sin-kayn
  • A cinquain must be exactly 5 lines
  • The lines must follow the 2-4-6-8-2 syllable scheme
    • The 1st & 5th lines have 2 syllables
    • The 2nd line has 4 syllables
    • The 3rd line has 6 syllables
    • The 4th line has 8 syllables
  • A cinquain does not have to rhyme.

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Fun Fact
Adding 1 letter to some words
can add 2 syllables!


My Cinquain, My Rules
Rules, Rules.
That's all you hear
no matter where you go.
It's my life, I'll find my own path.
My Rules!
School Cinquain
School rules
I go to school
To learn and to have fun
Some teachers are great, others ain't
School rules
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