Should Of, Would Of, & Could Of

  • These are all wrong.
  • The correct way to use these phrases is:
    • should've or should have
      • example:  I should have read that book.
      • example:  I should've studied harder.
    • would've or would have
      • example:  I would've read that book.
      • example:  I would have studied harder.
    • could've or could have
      • example:  I could've read that book.
      • example:  I could have studied harder.

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Fun Fact
Stewardesses is typed using
only the left hand.


  • He should have tried harder.
  • We should've ate the whole pie.
  • She should have ran more.
  • I should've went to school today.
  • They would've looked great.
  • We would have won a prize.
  • The cat would've chased the mouse.
  • She would have run for miles if hunger didn't kick in.
  • Jill could've said she was tired.
  • Jason could have left work early.
  • Cindy could've helped Jack.
  • Jack could have been magnificent.
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