There vs. Their vs. They're

  • That place
    • Not here–there
    • example:  Go over there.
  • Use to call someone's attention
    • exampleThere we go.
    • exampleThere is no way she could win.
  • At some time or moment
    • example:  His decision is justified there.
  • Something that belongs to them
    • exampleTheir house is really big.
  • Stands for "they are"
    • exampleThey're coming over soon.

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  • There she is.
  • There is no way around this hill.
  • Look over there.
  • There you go.
  • Their car is very pretty.
  • Their dog is big for her age.
  • Their names are Jack and Jill.
  • Did you see their garage?
  • They're counting on you.
  • They're playing a game.
  • They're very friendly.
  • They're acting silly right now.
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