Whether vs. Weather

  • To ask about or choose between two choices
    • example:  He is deciding whether or not he should go to the store.
  • The temperature, precipitation, and overall conditions of the atmosphere
    • example:  The weather is perfect today.
  • To show signs of 'wear and tear' from exposure to the atmosphere
    • example:  His skin has become weathered from the sun.

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Fun Fact
Noon was the ninth hour
of the Roman day.


  • We were deciding whether we would play softball.
  • Please tell me whether or not you agree.
  • I wonder whether he saw the oncoming storm.
  • Whether you like him or not, you have to admit that he is right.
  • The weather has been unpredictable lately.
  • The rocks have become weathered by the storm.
  • The mountain became weathered during the winter.
  • The monument has been weathered by the weather.
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