Bullet Point Rules

Define Bullet Points
  • A symbol represented by:  
  • Used to list information quickly, in a way that draws attention to key details
Rule 1
  • The text right before the bullets should end with a colon
    • example:  I like the following:
      • cats
      • dogs
      • bunnies
Rule 2
  • If the bullet text is a complete sentence, it should begin with a capital letter
  • Complete sentences can, but don't have to, end with a period
    • Consistency is important
    • If one sentence ends with a period, all sentences should end with a period
Rule 3
  • If the bullet text is NOT a complete sentence, it doesn't have to begin with a capital letter
  • Incomplete sentences should NOT end with a period
Rule 4
  • Keep each bullet point short
  • Bullets are used to draw attention to details
  • Short bullets make it easier to draw attention

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  • My to-do list:
    • go to the store
    • buy shoes
    • do homework
  • Please do the following:
    • laundry
    • homework
    • food shopping
    • fix computer
  • My homework assignment is:
    • Read textbook pages 1-5.
    • Write an essay explaining what a syllable is.
    • Read the Syllable Dictionary at www.HowManySyllables.com.
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