How many syllables in holm?

  928657341 syllable

Divide holm into syllables:   holm
Syllable stress:   holm
How to pronounce holm:   hohm
How to say holm:

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What rhymes with holm

1 syllable
  • boehm
  • clomb
  • combe
  • foam
  • gnome
  • krome
  • lome
  • nome
  • om
  • roam
  • Rome
  • tome
  • chrome
  • comb
  • dome
  • gloam
  • home
  • loam
  • mome
  • ohm
  • pome
  • Rom
  • strome
  • yo
2 syllables
  • Boehme
  • Guillaume
  • shalom
  • domebook
  • Jerome
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