Pole vs. Poll

  • A long, slim piece of wood or metal
    • example:  Can you see the flag pole?
  • Short for either the South Pole or North Pole
    • example:  I'm planning a trip to the South Pole.
  • The process of voting as part of an election
    • example:  Did you vote in the polls this year?
  • To provide an opinion or vote
    • example:  I'd like to poll my friends.

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Fun Fact
Snaste is the used, leftover
part of a candlewick.


  • The flag pole is very shiny.
  • I want to visit the South Pole.
  • Santa Claus lives in the North Pole.
  • Be careful. There is a pole sticking out of the ground.
  • Can you answer a couple of polling questions?
  • I provided feedback by taking the poll.
  • The polls are in.
  • What did the polls show?
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