How many syllables in disorganize?

  974312586 syllables

Divide disorganize into syllables:   dis-or-gan-ize
Stressed syllable in disorganize:   dis-or-gan-ize
How to pronounce disorganize:   dis-awr-guh-nahyz
How to say disorganize:

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Synonyms for disorganize

2 syllables
  • confuse
  • mess up
  • muddle
  • jumble
  • mix up
  • upset
3 syllables
5 syllables
  • put out of order
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    What rhymes with disorganize

    3 syllables
      4 syllables
      5 syllables
      Did You Know
      dogs = many dogs
      dog's = belongs to one dog
      dogs' = belongs to many dogs

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