How many syllables in mud?

  159687243 syllable

Divide mud into syllables:   mud
Syllable stress:   mud
How to pronounce mud:   muhd
How to say mud:

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Synonyms for mud

1 syllable
  • clay
  • loam
  • silt
  • slush
  • earth
  • mire
  • sludge
2 syllables
  • earthen
  • topsoil
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flower 2 syllables but
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What rhymes with mud

1 syllable
  • blood
  • crud
  • dud
  • fud
  • mudd
  • rudd
  • spud
  • sudd
  • bud
  • cud
  • flood
  • hud
  • rud
  • scud
  • stud
  • thud
3 syllables
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