How many syllables in Sterne?

  196258347 syllable

Divide Sterne into syllables:   Sterne
Syllable stress:   Sterne
How to pronounce Sterne:   sturn
How to say Sterne:

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What rhymes with Sterne

1 syllable
  • Bern
  • byrne
  • churn
  • durn
  • erne
  • hern
  • learn
  • stern
  • urn
  • yearn
  • burn
  • cern
  • dern
  • earn
  • fern
  • Herne
  • spurn
  • turn
  • Verne
2 syllables
  • adjourn
  • discern
  • Sauterne
  • concern
  • return
  • upturn
3 syllables
4 syllables
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