How many syllables in brush?

  635189472 syllable

Divide brush into syllables:   brush
Syllable stress:   brush
How to pronounce brush:   bruhsh
How to say brush:

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Synonyms for brush

1 syllable
  • flick
  • groom
  • graze
  • scrub
2 syllables
  • thicket
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    What rhymes with brush

    1 syllable
    • blush
    • cush
    • dush
    • frush
    • gush
    • lush
    • plush
    • shush
    • slushed
    • tush
    • crush
    • Cush
    • flush
    • grush
    • hush
    • mush
    • rush
    • slush
    • thrush
    2 syllables
    • grushie
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