How many syllables in ecstatic?

  891254763 syllables

Divide ecstatic into syllables:   ec-stat-ic
Stressed syllable in ecstatic:   ec-stat-ic
How to pronounce ecstatic:   ek-stat-ik
How to say ecstatic:

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Synonyms for ecstatic

1 syllable
  • high
2 syllables
  • blissful
  • happy
  • tickled
  • frenzied
  • joyful
3 syllables
  • elated
  • in raptures
  • on cloud nine
  • rapturous
4 syllables
    5 syllables
    • exhilarated
    • in seventh heaven
    • extremely happy
    • overexcited
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    What rhymes with ecstatic

    2 syllables
    • attic
    • static
    3 syllables
    4 syllables
    5 syllables
    6 syllables
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