How many syllables in farm?

  936425187 syllable

Divide farm into syllables:   farm
Syllable stress:   farm
How to pronounce farm:   fahrm
How to say farm:

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Synonyms for farm

1 syllable
  • grow
  • plant
  • raise
  • till
  • keep
  • plow
  • ranch
  • work
2 syllables
  • enclave
  • farmstead
  • fruit farm
  • sheep farm
3 syllables
  • cattle farm
  • dairy farm
4 syllables
  • arable farm
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    What rhymes with farm

    1 syllable
    • arm
    • charm
    • smarm
    • barm
    • harm
    2 syllables
    • alarm
    • forearm
    • rearm
    • disarm
    • nonfarm
    • unarm
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