How many syllables in tongue?

  642738195 syllable

Divide tongue into syllables:   tongue
Syllable stress:   tongue
How to pronounce tongue:   ton-g
How to say tongue:

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Define tongue

noun, plural
  1. The muscular tissue covered located in the oral cavity (mouth), used for tasting, licking, and swallowing
  2. A human written or spoken language used by a community
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Synonyms for tongue

1 syllable
  • speech
    2 syllables
    • patois
    5 syllables
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      What rhymes with tongue

      1 syllable
      • bung
      • clung
      • flung
      • hung
      • lung
      • rung
      • sprung
      • stung
      • swung
      • ung
      • young
      • chung
      • dung
      • gung
      • Kung
      • pung
      • slung
      • strung
      • sung
      • tung
      • wrung
      2 syllables
      • among
      • unsung
      • chunga
      • wrungness

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