How many syllables in important?

  265173489 syllables

Divide important into syllables:   im‑por‑tant
Stressed syllable in important:   im‑por‑tant
How to pronounce important:   im‑pawr‑tnt
How to say important:

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Synonyms for important

1 syllable
  • big
  • core
  • great
  • key
  • main
  • chief
  • grave
  • high
  • lead
  • top
2 syllables
  • basic
  • central
  • fateful
  • foremost
  • highest
  • leading
  • telling
  • weighty
  • big wig
  • fatal
  • focal
  • heavy
  • keynote
  • major
  • vital
3 syllables
4 syllables
5 syllables
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    What rhymes with important

    4 syllables
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