How many syllables in queasy?

  365871249 syllables

Divide queasy into syllables:   quea-sy
Stressed syllable in queasy:   quea-sy
How to pronounce queasy:   kwee-zee
How to say queasy:

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Synonyms for queasy

1 syllable
  • ill
  • sick
2 syllables
  • doubtful
  • seasick
  • troubled
3 syllables
  • uneasy
5 syllables
  • green about the gills
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What rhymes with queasy

1 syllable
  • cheet
  • sleck
2 syllables
  • breezy
  • easy
  • marchese
  • sneezy
  • cheesy
  • greasy
  • sleazy
  • wheezy
3 syllables
  • uneasy
    4 syllables
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