How many syllables in handy?

  345289167 syllables

Divide handy into syllables:   hand-y
Stressed syllable in handy:   hand-y
How to pronounce handy:   han-dee
How to say handy:

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Synonyms for handy

1 syllable
  • close
  • neat
  • near
2 syllables
  • at hand
  • helpful
  • useful
  • clever
  • nearby
3 syllables
  • dexterous
  • usable
  • within reach
4 syllables
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What rhymes with handy

2 syllables
  • andy
  • brandy
  • dandy
  • handy
  • Mandy
  • randy
  • Sandy
  • shandy
  • bandy
  • candy
  • Handy
  • Kandy
  • pandy
  • sandhi
  • sandy
4 syllables
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