How many syllables in character?

  362457189 syllables

Divide character into syllables:   char-ac-ter
Stressed syllable in character:   char-ac-ter
How to pronounce character:   ka-rak-ter
How to say character:

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"character." How Many Syllables, n.d. Web. 01 April 2023.

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Synonyms for character

1 syllable
  • charm
  • role
  • shape
  • traits
  • name
  • self
  • sort
2 syllables
  • appeal
  • credit
  • figure
  • nature
  • person
  • spirit
  • timbre
  • creature
  • fiber
  • makeup
  • oddball
  • repute
  • symbol
3 syllables
4 syllables
  • identity
  • moral fiber
  • reputation
5 syllables
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