How many syllables in stuffy?

  526734819 syllables

Divide stuffy into syllables:   stuff-y
Stressed syllable in stuffy:   stuff-y
How to pronounce stuffy:   stuhf-ee
How to say stuffy:

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Synonyms for stuffy

1 syllable
  • close
  • prim
  • hot
  • square
2 syllables
  • airless
  • fusty
  • mildewed
  • prudish
  • stifling
  • turgid
  • formal
  • hidebound
  • musty
  • starchy
  • stodgy
3 syllables
4 syllables
5 syllables
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    What rhymes with stuffy

    2 syllables
    • fluffy
    • puffy
    • snuffy
    • huffy
    • scruffy
    • toughie
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