How many syllables in agitate?

  392754168 syllables

Divide agitate into syllables:   ag-i-tate
Stressed syllable in agitate:   ag-i-tate
How to pronounce agitate:   aj-i-teyt
How to say agitate:

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Synonyms for agitate

1 syllable
  • churn
  • roil
  • stir
  • fan
  • rouse
  • whisk
2 syllables
  • campaign
  • excite
  • foment
  • mix up
  • protest
  • stir up
  • work up
  • disturb
  • fluster
  • inflame
  • perturb
  • shake up
  • trouble
3 syllables
  • demonstrate
  • disquiet
  • raise a fuss
5 syllables
  • stir up opinion
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