How many syllables in manipulation?

  587496213 syllables

Divide manipulation into syllables:   ma-nip-u-la-tion
Primary syllable stress:   ma-nip-u-la-tion
Secondary syllable stress:   ma-nip-u-la-tion
How to pronounce manipulation:   muh-nip-yuh-ley-shun
How to say manipulation:

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Synonyms for manipulation

1 syllable
  • use
    2 syllables
    • abuse
    • handling
    • massage
    • treatment
    • control
    • kneading
    • rubdown
    • usage
    3 syllables
      4 syllables
      5 syllables
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        What rhymes with manipulation

        1 syllable
        • corp
          2 syllables
          • Haitian
          • ration
          • nation
          • station
          3 syllables
          4 syllables
          5 syllables
          6 syllables
          7 syllables
          8 syllables
          9 syllables
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